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Case Study:

Bounce Rate Reduced 100%
Search Engine Visibility 100%
Mobile Friendly Site 100%

Background of

In March of 2011, launched providing consumers with valuable insight into the costs of Marine, Outboard Motor, Power Sports and RV items. Since the launch in 2011, has become a go to for enthusiasts and consumers to research purchases and find value through understanding the dealer pricing.

The Problem

The site, despite its success, had not been updated since its launch. The user interface and user experience were very basic.  It was missing many of the things that sites today take for granted. It had almost zero Mobile Compatibility, Content Management and SEO Friendly structure.

From a technical standpoint the site was suffering from slow db searches, poor archive searches, and was based on a very bloated core framework.

The Results

Multiple research points were used to guide and complete the rebuild over time to ensure goals and expectations were met. This was achieved through a detailed process of mapping, planning, auditing and information sharing for the months prior to the site launch. The site was completely rebuilt from the database up, with focus on performance, scale, mobile and SEO compatibility.

In July of 2018, the new See Dealer Cost site was launched. At the time of transition from old site to new, See Dealer Cost had 356 indexed and visible pages on Google. Within 1 month of launch, Googles re-indexed the SDC site and the # of indexed URLS increased 32,987 – a whopping 9324.8% increase in visibility.

The mobile usability scores of the site also jumped up into the 90th percentile. The websites historical bounce rate on the page dropped from 33% to 17.8%. Finally, the overall time on the site more than doubled – demonstrating that the new UI and system design greatly improved the overall engagement of the site visitors.

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