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Case Study: Mindful Storage

Mindful Storage Web Development by Media Giant®
Bounce Rate Reduced 100%
Search Engine Visibility 100%
Mobile Friendly Site 100%

Background of Mindful Storage

Mindful Storage is a chain of self storage facilities located throughout Florida. Their focus is to provide cost-effective, climate controlled self storage to consumers and small business owners. Mindful Storage is extremely committed to excellent customer service and being a big part of each of their locations respective communities.

The Problem

Mindful Storage came to us because they had multiple issues with their online presence.

Their website was poorly designed and lacked many features commonly found on self storage websites. Because of these issues like no mobile optimization, poor SEO structure and lack of mobile call support they simply weren’t able to rank nor convert visitors into leads as efficiently as they needed to be able to.

In addition, their SEO and Pay Per Click marketing campaigns were poor and mis-managed in a lot of different ways.

The Solutions

We rebuilt the site to be mobile ready and in full compliance of SEO best practices. After that, we integrated useful functions like online reservations, pricing information and mobile call buttons. With a solid foundation established, the focus switched over to their SEO and Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. 

We re-worked their SEO with both on-page and off page optimization strategies –  executing and implementing every best practice. We also scrapped the old Pay Per Click strategy and started a brand new one built from the ground up.

The Results

The new site went live in April of 2018 and has paid off in a big way!

As a result of our changes Mindful Storage has:

  1. Experienced Immediate Growth
  2. Higher Occupancy Rates
  3. More Leads
  4. Increased Revenue

Their overall ranking and analytics numbers has also increased tremendously:

  1. Currently ranked #1 and #2 for their localized searches
  2. The site bounce rate went from 88% down to 41%.
  3. The average time on site increased from 31 seconds to 2:12 seconds.

From a PPC perspective, we were able to:

  1. Increase their average quality scores to an 8
  2. Reduce their avg CPC by almost a full $2
  3. Increase their impression share from 16% to 68%.

In terms of overall growth – our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) was Occupancy Rate – which rose from 70.9% to 84.2% from April to August 2018.

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