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5 Simple Ideas To Grow Your Moving Company

5 Simple Ideas to Grow Your Moving Company

Does Your Moving Company Need To Grow? Sure it does, if your business isn’t growing its dying. The following 5 marketing tips and ideas will help you generate more leads.

Moving is a big deal for everyone, most will begin researching their options well in advance of their move date. So its essential to reach these researchers at the top of the sales funnel, so that they are AWARE that you exist, they CONSIDER your services, and at the end of it all they PURCHASE your services. In todays world, digital marketing dominates the landscape so our focus in this article will be how to leverage digital to produce leads consistently.

1. An Effective Moving Website is a MUST HAVE

It used to be that having a Yellow Pages ad was the MUST HAVE for your business. That is no longer true. Regardless of where your potential customers find your information, the chances are they will look for and at your website – this is your first opportunity to make a great impressions. Your website will be judged by how it looks, the content and offers and based on this they typically will decide if they want to consider using your services by requesting a quote.

Your websites is your digital brochure that has to communicate what you have to offer them, and how you are better than your competition. It needs to be modern, mobile device friendly, and clear. If your website gives the impression that your outdated or if it confuses people you lose the the opportunity to generate the lead.

Web Design Tips:

  • Focus on the visual aspects of your website. Make sure you use images on your website that reflect who you are and what you do. Use images that help sell your services, not stock photos that don’t deliver the message you wish to deliver.
  • Video is quickly becoming a must have for digital marketing. Its a great way to get your value across visually. We recommend that all of our clients have at least 1 if not more YouTube videos. Why YouTube? Because there is a ton of searches that occur their everyday, and the competition is relatively low compared to SEO / PPC.

2. Search Marketing

When I started working with Moving companies the only marketing you really had to do was delivered to everyones door and it was about 1000 pages of yellow paper. This line of marketing is now floating dead in the water somewhere. Today, when people have a need for any kind of service (moving included) they turn to Google. In order to play in this field you have to appear at the top of the search results.

There are several ways to do this:

  • The fastest and most direct way to the top is to leverage Pay Per Click advertising. Using this method you are bidding on the keywords where people are searching for moving companies. Depending on your bid, you gain placement somewhere on the Google search results. The higher your bid, typically the higher your placement. We recommend always bidding for the top 4 positions, but some clients do find success in the lower 4 positions as well.
  • The second thing you have to have is a Google My Business listing. This is a free Google tool which allows you to include your business in Googles Local Directories. These listings allow your business to be found both in local searches, but also on Google Maps. Make sure to include your search engine terms in the description of this listing as it does carry weight in the your overall search ranking.
  • The third thing you have to have is Search Engine Optimization. This is the slowest, yet most effective, line of marketing. It involves optimizing your website for keywords, building back links to your relevant content, and then adding content to your site on a semi-regular basis either via the blog or through page additions and changes. You can add additional keywords and searches into your strategy by introducing new pages, additional backlinks to those pages, and then by revising and updating said pages. This is a slow process and typically takes 6 months or more to manifest results – even longer if you are optimizing for a national platform.

3. Advertise on Facebook

For a lot of years we told our clients don’t worry about Facebook – its great for branding but not so great at generating leads. All of that has changed now, as Facebook has become an incredibly powerful tool for marketing and generating leads.

Facebook tracks incredible amounts of information about each of its users. Because of this data collection you can target not only based on geography, but also on demographics and life events – allowing you to pinpoint and predict when someone may be interested in a move. For example, you could target:

  • Men or Women
  • Aged: 20 – 55
  • Married
  • Annual Income of 75k+
  • Lives in an apartment
  • Expecting a Child

Its no mystery that a young family with a baby on the way might be considering a move in their future. So showing your ads to them makes alot of sense.

In fact, Facebook makes it even easier with “affinity” markets. Using their proprietary algorithms facebook can predict when people are looking to move and actually tags groups of users as “Likely to Move”.

4. Manage Your Online Reputation

We see it so much its almost sickening. But alot of businesses (not just moving) set things up online, and then never touch it again. This is terrible practice especially because your online reputation is everything. Consumers today trust and rely on online reviews. They are everywhere today – on Google, Facebook, Yelp and many others provide reviews on service businesses and if you aren’t in front of and paying attention to your reviews you will find yourself losing leads.

First and foremost, make sure you have setup to accept reviews – this part is crucial for a variety of reasons.  Once you have them you have to constantly be focused on building up your reviews and handling any negative reviews you get. Generating positive reviews boils down to 2 points:

  1. Make service your #1 concern. Strive for excellence with every customer. The reviews you receive will be about the quality of your work and their experience. If your service is excellent, the reviews you receive will reflect that. If your service isn’t – your reviews will reflect that too.
  2. Work out a way to solicit reviews. Make it part of your process. The reality is that left to fate – you will get far more negative reviews than positive ones. Why? Upset customers are FAR MORE motivated to write a negative review, than a happy customer is to write a good one.

Make sure to always pay attention to your online reviews. When someone leaves you a positive review – say “Thank You”. If someone leaves a negative review, respond to the problem in a professional manner. Leave emotion out of it, even if the customer was a total pain in the ass.

5. Hire a Professional Digital Advertising Firm

There is a lot that goes into online marketing, and if you find you don’t have the time or knowledge to handle this for your business, the best thing you can do is make sure you hire a firm that can do it well for you. There are a million firms out there, so picking them can be difficult. How do you know who is good and not?

Pay attention to the following:

  1. How Long Have They Been In Business
    You want a company with an established, long term background. Many people claim to be able to perform the tasks necessary, but few are good at it. The longer they are in business (5 years +) the more likely they are to be good at generating leads.
  2. Are They Partnered with Google or Facebook?
    Both organizations offer partner programs. Why do you want a partner? Because if Google and Facebook are willing to back the agency, then the agency meets the highest standards of knowledge and execution. Stay away from firms that do not have these accreditations.
  3.  Do They Specialize In Moving?
    Moving is a business that is unlike many of the other service industries. Just because they can market, doesn’t mean they can market moving companies. Moving companies have a longer sales cycle than most service businesses, working with a team that fully understands the cycles is important.



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